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Ship Of The Imagination – Physics T Shirt From – Heretic Wear

“Perfect as a snowflake.  Organic as a dandelion seed, [the ship of our imagination] will carry us to worlds of dreams and worlds of facts” -Carl Sagan.  Adding to our tribute to Carl Sagan, this beautiful cosmos t shirt.  Posters Here

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Carl Sagan Cosmos T shirt

Don’t give a hoot – Maths T Shirt From – Heretic Wear

This design is up for scoring in Threadless and will not be available until scoring is finished.
Some of you folks told us that there isn’t enough Maths T shirts on our store.  So here it is. Wear this on those days when you really don’t give a hoot, but don’t want to be seen as rude.  This wikipedia article has a cool explanation on euler’s identity and why e^(i*pi)+1 equals 0. Buy Posters Here.more Maths T Shirt here.

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Mathematics T shirt

Galapagos Style – Biology T Shirt From – Heretic Wear

Darwin, Doing the Gangnam Style, whie riding a tortoise, on your Tshirt.  What more do you want?  By the way Darwin actually did ride a galapagos tortoise.  But he was much younger when he did that.  Also he probably didnt wear those hipster glasses. Buy Posters Here.more Bioogy T Shirt here.

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Funny Darwin T shirt

The One Ring – Chemistry T Shirt From – Heretic Wear


One ring to bind all of life.  The amazing benzene ring.  Be warned, for we did not choose the ring.   The ring chose us; And it shall pass; Onto the next generation.Buy Posters Here. More Chemistry T Shirt Here

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Chemistry T shirt

Butterflies – Biology T Shirt From – Heretic Wear

Butterflies are such fascinating creatures.  However, we don’t have enough space in this T shirt to depict all 200,000 different species of them.  These winged beauties, and their adolescent caterpillars maintain a delicate balance in their ecosystem.  Found in all continents except Antarctica, Butterflies help pollinate a wide range of plants in their habitat.  Without them many plant species might simply disappear.  Climate Change, pesticides and dwindling habitat means the population of these wonderful insects is declining.  Find more Biology T shirts here.

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Biology T Shirt

Our Home – Biology T Shirt From – Heretic Wear

Humans originated from Africa.  Much of human evolution happened in Africa.  So in effect, we are all descendents from Africa.  This is where our shared history starts.  Africa is our Home.  Our roots.  Our Evolutionary Motherland. Find more biology T shirtshere

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Biology T shirts

Gravity Waves – Physics T shirts – Heretic Wear

For over a billion years, a particular set of gravity waves which originated when two black holes coalesced, have been travelling through space.  Nearly a billion years later, Einstein, through precise Mathematics, creative intuition and his sheer genius predicts that such waves would exist.  Nearly 100 years later, those waves were detected in what might as well be the most precise measurement made by humankind.  That’s how smart Einstein was and that’s how awesome Science is.  Find more Physics T shirts here

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Physics T Shirt

Maxwell Rocks. New Physics T shirt design.

Hi there fellow heretics.  Check out our new design in our physics t shirt collection.  Maxwell Rocks.  Maxwell’s right hand thumb rule is one of the cool pieces of physics that you probably learnt in school.  It gives the direction the magnetic field for a known direction of electric current, and vice versa.  More physics designs coming up.  Do check back.

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Physics T shirt




Physics T shirt