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S N Bose – Physics T Shirt From – Heretic Wear

You may have heard of the Higgs-Boson. That elusive sub atomic particle whose existence was confirmed by CERN in 2012.  The Higgs stands for Peter Higgs the British theoretical physicist.  The Boson stands for S N Bose, the Indian theoretical physicist whose contribution was equally important to the postulation of the particle.  S N Bose invented Quantum Statistical Mechanics and made several other contribution towards advancing mathematics and theoretical physics.  Celebrate Great Scientists with more Physics T shirts.

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Physics T Shirt

Gravity Waves – Physics T Shirt From Hereticwear

For over a billion years, a particular set of gravity waves which originated when two black holes coalesced, have been travelling through space.  Nearly a billion years later, Einstein, through precise Mathematics, creative intuition and his sheer genius predicts that such waves would exist.  Nearly 100 years later, those waves were detected in what might as well be the most precise measurement made by humankind.  That’s how smart Einstein was and that’s how awesome Science is.  Find more Physics T shirts here

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Physics T Shirt