Top 5 bestselling Science and Humanism T shirts

All our T shirt designs are made with loooooove but some just click more than others.  Its seems completely random.  We started selling Science and Humanism related T shirts about a year ago through third party T shirt stores, and since them some designs have gone beserk.  Here is a look at some of our bestsellers in ascending order of sales.

#5 Up With This We Will Not Put

Christopher Hitchens’ famous line.  Someone pointed out that it was actually Winston Churchill who first coined it but nevertheless, a great slogan in the face of oppression and dogma.  (Click on photo for product)

Hitchens T shirt


#4 Hitchens Razor T Shirt

Christopher Hitchens takes the fourth place too!  This time with his  famous quote which later became known as the Hitchens Razor, in connection with the Occam’s Razor. (Click on photo for product page)

Hitchens T shirt

#3 Endless Forms, Most Beautiful

“There is grandeur in this view of life…” said Darwin.  This was our first ever T shirt design to go viral.  Sorry for all the organisms that couldn’t get featured here. (click on Image for product page)

Darwin T shirt - MenBlack

#2 One Ring to bind them all

Never underestimate the power of Organic Chemistry I say.  This one made many a Chemistry enthusiasts squeal.  It used to cost $28.  Now, from just $11. (Click on photo for product page)

Chemistry T shirt

#1 Galapagos Style

And the winner is….Charles Darwin! and a Tortoise, and a hitherto obscure Korean gentleman. (Click on photo for product page)

Funny Darwin T shirt